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 Dear Parents,

I would like to wish you all a happy 2019 and hope you had a peaceful break. It is at this time of year that we worry about snow and ice affecting our safety in school, and although we always try and avoid closing the school, there are occasions when this is necessary.  We will always text parents if school is closed but you can also find out which schools are closed on the snow closures website  https://www.staffordshire.gov.uk/education/schoolsandcolleges/emergencyclosures/schoolclosurelist/schoolclosurelist.aspx. As you know we are a very charitable school and our children are very keen to help others in need. Therefore, we have decided to support the local food bank on a half termly basis and we will be holding our first collection next Friday. If you would like to donate, please send your child into class next Friday with their donations. Thank you for you kindness towards those who do not have as much. On the topic of children being absent for holidays, there seems to be an assumption that children do not follow a full timetable in the last week of each term/ half term and therefore it doesn't matter if holidays are taken. Our last week of every term/ half term is our task based assessment week where we assess pupils in all the skills learnt that term. This is a very important week! All holidays (unless exceptional circumstances) will incur a fine of £60 per parent per child (deadlines apply) . We will also request a penalty notice if we believe a holiday has been taken, but was reported as a sickness absence and there is no medical evidence. Finally, if parents have not yet registered for our Reception or Nursery classes for September, could we ask that you do so as soon as possible.

Miss Clarke.

18th January 2019

 We are very proud, following a very successful year. In March 2018 we achieved a very GOOD Ofsted report and in July 2014 we were graded OUTSTANDING in our church (SIAMS) inspection.

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